Trapper Kinross Memorial- Raffle Closed

-Raffle Closed-

Please help us try to ease some of the worries for the Kinross family at this difficult time by donating, purchase raffle tickets or by sharing this link. All proceeds go to the Kinross family. If you’d like to donate please do so here and type TRAPPER in the comment box

Trapper Kinross, a strapping young 18 year old man with the world at his fingertips. He had a personality that attracted others to him. He made friends extremely easy. He was easy to love as well. He loved horses and had a talent and passion for training and breaking them.
He was a very hard worker. He loved ditching school if his mom let him to follow his dad’s foot steps in the mountains chasing hounds, deer and elk. He was his dads right hand man from the time he could hold him self up in the truck and go hunting. He saw and experienced things most people would never experience in there life time.
He was the favorite to a pile of cute little red headed sisters who looked up to him. Raised by a family that unconditionally loved him and wouldn’t trade the world for him.

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